There are hundreds of applications offering to protect you from various things across the internet so how do you choose the right application or combination for you?

Morden Primary School, for legal reasons, cannot recommend any software or hardware, but what we can do is provide a list of links for you to make your own choice. We can also help to explain some of the jargon used.

Here is a list of questions that are often asked when looking into protection software for your device.

After looking around for quite a while ourselves we found the array of software on offer is vast and to help us look at a good selection of software we used PCMAG.COM who offer two pages relating to antivirus software. The first page is reviewing software which requires a monthly, yearly or one-off payment. The second is a link to FREE software, this is often free because it will incorporate adverts or have less features enabled than the paid for relations.

These Links will take you away from the Morden Primary website.

Click here for Paid for antivirus reviews on PCMAG.COM
Click here for Free antivirus reviews on PCMAG.COM

* Something to note, if using a FREE versions of any software, pay particular attention to the installation, especially on PC and MAC, as the vendor may try and install other programs from its line up or 3rd party applications *

Parental Control

Did you know there are parental control settings on nearly all devices now that allow you to control the amount of screen time or applications used? For example Apple have a lock feature where with a triple click of the home btn_mob btn_tab btn_dsk, you can lock an app so that it cannot be changed without the pass code. Taking this to the next level is Parental Control Software. This is used for monitoring the applications used, screen time, website filtering and some even offer GPS locating. Although these types of applications can be controversial, they can also be extremely useful. For example if you wanted to block explicit websites on your child's mobile device, you could put a lock on your ISP's (internet service provider) router, but as soon as they're not on the home wifi, that lock is no longer active. With these applications it is possible to block them on all networks.

PCMAG.COM have again provided a useful review of some of the top applications on the market for you to consider. This link will take you away from the Morden Primary website.

Click here for Parental Control Software on PCMAG.COM