Online Safety

Being constantly connected to the outside world used to be a futuristic idea in the mind of a handful of people scattered across the world. Now IT is a normal part of everyday modern life and we are surrounded by technology.

The sheer volume of devices available today equipped with access to the internet through multiple standards gives a cause for concern for even the savviest tech user. This mini site is by no means an exhaustive all-knowing database, but we strive to give you a base to explore and ultimately educate yourself on how to help keep yourself, your children and household safe - as well as exploring the amazing educational experiences available together.

Since the beginning of time a saying has rung true - “safety in numbers”. At Morden Primary, we agree with this and encourage parents to spend time with their children forming positive online relationships. Contributing and engaging with your child’s online activity is a great way to help keep them safe and allow you to keep up with what is trending. Seeing how you behave and react respectfully online is a clear indicator shaping the way they too will behave within the online community.

We hope you enjoy looking around our mini site.