School Development Plan

Morden primary school is a one form multi ethnic school reflecting the diversity of our local area. EAL/EMA has significantly increased over the last 5 years and continues to diversify. SEN is above National and continues to rise.

There is an increasing number of families who require support from the school and there is high unemployment in the local area. Safeguarding and the need to support vulnerable families through a multi-agency approach has considerably increased in the last 3 years. Our school development plan follows the structure of the Ofsted judgements.

  • Quality of Education
  • Behaviour & Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership and Management
  • EYFS provision

Section 1: Quality of Education

  • To identify gaps in learning and ensure children can catch up as a result of losing Summer 2020 term to Covid closures.
  • To promote an outdoor learning approach as an entitlement for all children in all year groups
  • Review the diversity evident in our practice and resources across the curriculum
  • To ensure that assessment practices are consistently understood and accurately applied across the school.
  • To ensure combined RWM at the end of KS1 & KS2 is in line with national
  • To continue to develop the pedagogy for the wider curriculum
  • To raise the attainment of maths across the school with a particular focus on securing number and developing mental maths strategies.
  • To raise the attainment of writing across the school with a particular focus on sentence structure and the writing process.
  • To narrow the gaps between pupil premium and non-pupil premium in reading, writing & maths.
  • To ensure that national targets are met in phonics at KS1 and accelerated progress within phases continues to close the gaps

Section 2: Behaviour & Attitudes

  • To further develop harmonious lunchtimes
  • To ensure attendance is above 96% and improve punctuality to reduce the number of children arriving late for school
  • To support anxious children and families. To support and develop children’s learning behaviour, in particular, resilience, respect and responsibility.

Section 3: Personal Development

  • To work towards silver healthy schools’ status
  • To implement a recovery and resilience programme for children returning after lockdown
  • Leadership opportunities for children – sports leader, sports captains etc

Section 4: Leadership & Management

  • To continue to develop the middle leaders’ analytical skills to ensure they have the capacity to raise standards
  • To develop the new phase leadership model within school to strengthen the school further
  • To ensure the Governing Body have the skills and confidence to support and challenge the school to ensure continued improvements

Section 5: Early Years EYFS

  • To ensure high quality writing opportunities across the continuous provision.
  • To embed opportunities to capture high quality learning opportunities.
  • To increase parental engagement and awareness of learning opportunities.